our attractive ready-to-go brands

Empire’s key focus has been creating ready-to-go coffee brands that are approachable, contemporary and diverse. Our first and most popular to date has been the Waterfront Roasters’ coffee brand. The most recent evolution for this brand was upgrading it to a custom-printed bag with a distinct label for each coffee. 

After the initial success of the Waterfront Roasters’ coffee brand, we have continued to design new coffee brands for customers who are always looking for the next new thing. What separates Empire’s coffee brands from those of other coffee roasters? Find out below!

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Coffee Brand Research

At Empire we spend a lot of time looking at coffee packaging from all over the world. After all, we never know where our next bit of inspiration will come from, and it is vital research in our business. We also pay close attention to feedback from our customers about what is working and where we can improve. By combining insight and intelligence with action, Empire keeps itself on the leading edge of coffee packaging design. 

Colombian Tolima 2lb Whole Bean Bag

coffee brand design

Our design philosophy at Empire has always been to create packaging that “pops” off a shelf. We accomplish this by using bold imagery, carefully-selected fonts and catchy color palates. In addition, our design team is always researching coffee as well as non-coffee packaging to identify the latest trends.

Part of our mission is to constantly evaluate our packaging to see if it can be improved. Perhaps there is a particular element that is not clicking with customers. This doesn’t mean the entire design has to be scrapped. It might only require a small tweak to get the desired results. Part of our process when working with some of our big box store clients is to incorporate their ideas into packaging they’re interested in purchasing. It’s important for us to work seamlessly with our partners to make sure the bags they’ll eventually sell can connect with their customers. To that end, we make every effort to accommodate those requests. In addition, we understand that our big box customers always want new and exciting coffee brands to entice their customers, and at Empire we strive to provide those unique designs.

coffee brand production

Our design team works with some of the best coffee bag manufactures in the US. We are always on the lookout for superior manufacturing and unique capabilities that allow our bags to stand out from the pack.

Our retail bags are all custom-printed using either advanced digital presses or the Rotogravure process. Each bag contains 12 ounces of ground or whole bean coffee. Our single cup brands complement their bagged cousins by maintaining the same look and feel. All our cups are 2.0 brewer compatible and nitrogen-filled to maintain freshness. All our coffees and flavorings are Star-K Kosher certified.

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