design your packaging with empire

With our full-time, in-house design team, we can design the right coffee packaging look and feel for anyone. Based on extensive research, contemporary design techniques and the most modern production processes, Empire can help you through the entire process of producing your coffee packaging for retail or wholesale business.

All our distinct coffee packaging is custom-printed using either advanced digital presses in the USA or the Rotogravure process. Each of our custom reatil bags will hold 12 ounces of ground or whole bean coffee. Our single cup brands complement their bagged cousins by maintaining that same look and feel. All our cups are 2.0 brewer compatible and nitrogen-filled to maintain freshness.

Below are some of our current packaging designs.

Waterfront Roasters Organic Guatemalan Fractionals
The Pastry Cafe Pecan Pie Flavored Coffee
Barbed Wire Cold Brew Pouches
Waterfront Roasters Hazelnut Flavored Coffee Cups
Waterfront Roasters Organic Guatemalan Coffee
Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee - Autumn Select
rotogravure coffee packaging printing method

The Rotogravure Process

The rotogravure process uses two cylinders. The top cylinder is the impression roller and puts downward force onto the bag material to force it against the printing cylinder. As the two cylinders spin, the bag material moves through the printing cylinder, which has been engraved with the image. This cylinder picks up ink from a reservoir below and prints it onto the material. There are cylinders for each color to create a full color image. Some of the colors are made up of CMYK and others are spot. Though this process produces wonderful results and tends to be less expensive per unit, the downsides can be a lengthy production and delivery process, cost for each cylinder and minimum order quantities on average around 25,000 units per run.

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indigo 20000 digital coffee packing printer

The Digital Printing Process

The digital printing process is more technologically advanced and offers maximum flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, those looking to produce a variety of brands or variations will find the digital process worth considering. Without the need to create cylinders, you will save a substantial amount of money up front. Making corrections or updates to art is also very easy with the digital printing process. As a result, your minimums will be less and production times much shorter. Keep in mind, though, that the cost per unit can be two to three times as expensive as the rotogravure process.

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