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I tried the Sienna Roast and I LOVED it! So fresh! I made it in a french press and it was so yummy :) I poured the left over coffee in a glass and put it in my refrigerator for iced coffee later, best iced coffee EVER! I look forward to trying the other flavors!
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Great coffee at a great price. Nice company - thanks for your help, Jason! I will and have recommended this coffee to my friends! I have the Crumb Cake dessert coffee. Wonderful stuff!
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My boyfriend and I, two true coffee addicts, won the Facebook drawing and received four bags of coffee from Waterfront Roasters. We could not be happier! The Mocha Java Blend is delicious. As a life-long coffee drinker, I have tasted dozens of "so called Mocha Java Blends" and can say without a doubt Waterfront offers the real deal. It's the perfect mix of the earthy and rich Indonesian Java bean with the exotic Ethiopian Mocha Bean. The result is a buttery aroma, a delightfully smooth taste and a hint of chocolate...the perfect way to start the day!
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My cousin was selling a couple of the flavored coffee bags as part of a fundraiser via his high school basketball team and I was forced to partake in it. My experience with fundraisers hasn't been pleasant up until NOW. I am in love with several of the flavored coffees...especially the pumpkin one and hazelnut. My family and I actually bought the coffee off of the other people who bought it thru the fundraiser. Don't worry they are not coffee fans and only bought it to help raise money. We are now almost done with the last bag and are happy to learn that we can buy coffee through this site! Give this brand a try!! Delicious way to start your day :)
Added by crstrider

I purchased a bag of decaf Red Velvet Cake when out of town, at a Marshalls store. I loved it so much that I looked Waterfront Roasters up on the internet. I connected with Jason who walked me through ordering online. I purchased Red Velvet Cake, Swiss Almond and Carmel Crunch Nut, all three decaf. I can't tell you which is my favorite because I love them all. They are all smooth and mild. I wake up every morning excited to make my coffee in my single cup Keurig. Waterfront Roasters will definitely get my continued business. Fabulous decaf coffee for a small fraction of the cost of other roasters. Have told all my friends about this coffee. Thank you so much for your help Jason It has been nice working with you.
Added by K. G.

I love Sienna Roast and have been buying it forever. I receive many compliments when I serve coffee to friends. Lately I've been using packages of the whole beans as hostess gifts. Less predictable than a bottle of wine, and you can carry these onto a plane. My friends have been delighted.
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My personal favorite K cup coffee is the Brooklyn Bean Light Roast. My husband prefers the same brand, but in the French Roast flavor. We have tried dozens and dozens of different brands and flavors and keep coming back to this one. I hope that Waterfront Roasters will continue to carry this product brand/flavor, as I have not seen them in our local area. I am a stickler for keeping the cost per cup at under 60 cents. Ordering enough boxes to get free shipping brings it to 56 cents per cup. I have recently turned a neighbor on to the Light Roast as well, so I am sure that you will be receiving a new customer order from her soon. :-)
Added by Glendon

I have ordered from Waterfront Roasters, about 5 times, and I have to say it is some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. I live in Las Vegas, so it is a long way to ship it out here, but it is worth the wait, and the cost is very fair for the quality delivered. I highly recommend their coffee to anybody! Even their decaf version have really solid, bold, flavor....
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Always liked Cyclone and then we couldn't find it in the store anymore. Ordering here was a piece of cake. Should have been doing it like that all along. Great, quick service. Thanks.
Added by steve@stevanroberts.com

Best and freshest coffee I've ever tasted. One sip and you'll never be satisfied with ordinary coffee again. I also love how quickly they ship and the free shipping. Great end to end experience. Highly recommended.
Added by touchjust1@yahoo.com

Ever since I received a new coffee maker just to make better tasting coffee, I have failed to do so…..until finding your Hawaiian Coconut and discovering wonderful taste. So all along it was not the fault of the machine, but coffee that did not come close to the taste yours gives! Yay!!
Added by Alexandra S.

I had a bag of your decaf Red Velvet from several years ago and it was still terrific. I was trying to find more locally but the miracle of the Internet worked and now I have several new kinds. Thank you for the swift service and the delicious coffee.
Added by gail

I ordered the peppermint mocha for holiday season and it is delicious . Also the sienna roast is a great everyday beverage. I will definitely order again.
Added by Lenn

I had a Waterfront Roasters bag in a Ross store, I kept the empty bag and looked for the web page; I never imagined it would be my favorite brand, the best flavor ever!! delicious Hazelnut!
Added by bmark2810

I always buy Dockside coffee and I love it. Sometimes I order flavored coffee Almond-chocolate which is awesome. Great coffee, super store.

I've had many flavored coffees over the years and Empire is by far THE BEST!!. Great flavor and roast. I'll be ordering from them again!!
Added by ann1471

I ordered 2 bags of your Hazelnut Coffee for my son. He said it is the best coffee he has ever had.
Added by JJAdipietro

I love the coffee. I love the high touch customer service. Why buy coffee anywhere else?
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I have not enjoyed my coffee home for many years. I’m so glad I looked up coffee roasting companies and found this company. My morning coffee is sooooo much better now! I will definitely go back for more!
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Dockside coffee is just great for any morning. I buy this coffee because it’s make my day. Dark coffee with little sweetness. Highly recommend
Added by farmgirl84

I found your cold brew coffee pouches by chance at a local store. I had not really had cold brew as I always favored hot brewed coffee.
Both of my kids are in college and they favor the cold brew vs hot coffee. Also my son works at a national chain coffee shop on his college campus. I made this for
my kids over the summer at home and they both really like it. My son even likes it over the national chain brand. I tried it and was hooked. It was a random thing to see in store and buy it but I'm glad I did. It is very economical if you compare the pricing for other cold brew at home pouches or the already bottled. I ordered my first order of cold brew pouches, and already have some ready to go in my fridge. I placed a large order to send to my kids away at college. Again, this is very economical for the price of already bottled cold brew or the pouches in store to make at home. I will definitely be ordering Barbed Wire Cold Brew Coffee again when this supply runs out.
Thank-You for a Great Product!
Added by MandyL7777

I have ordered from here for a while now. I have found a few favorites -Rainforest Java Chocolate Almond and Swiss Mocha Almond are just the beginning. I will continue to order :)
Added by Mt5400

This is by far the best coffee that I have ever purchased. So delicious!
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