How Empire helps you grow your private label coffee program

  • Empire has a solid 35-year history working with small, medium and large volume private label companies. We are the largest private brand roaster in the New York area.
  • Empire is very experienced working with large national brands and grocery to develop and produce a wide variety of regular and flavored coffees.
  • Our roastery is strategically located in zip code 10573. We have immediate access to both I95 and 287.
  • Empire roasts, grinds and packages out of our dedicated 60,000 square-foot facility in Port Chester, NY.
  • We respect our customers’ need for secrecy. We do not reveal who we do private labels for unless you approve it.
  • Protective pricing helps you grow your business by ensuring your prices don’t fluctuate with every rise and fall of the market.
  • Your account manager will work with you to build your brand as well as manage production and logistics.
  • Empire has a dedicated creative team to help in the development of a new private brand or freshen up an existing one.
  • Our low 500-pound minimum per roast allows you to keep minimal stock on hand to ensure your customers receive the freshest coffee.
  • Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled and demonstrated through the long-standing relationships we have with our customers.
  • All coffee is roasted to order. Unless directed, we do not stock private labels.

The Empire private label process

Packaging Design

Let us design a package for you or send us one already made. We will work directly with our vendors to execute the right packaging for your program.

Coffee Development

We will work with you to develop the perfect blend, flavored coffee or single origin for your specific program.

Coffee Production

Once your packaging arrives and we’ve established your coffee we will roast, grind (if required) and package to your specs.


Based on your requirements we will prepare your order for shipment wherever and however it needs to be.

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SQF Level 2 Certification
USDA Organic Certification
Empire is certified by Fair Trade USA

The Empire Coffee private label coffee roasting program is uniquely suited to assist your company. What sets us apart? We want to help you build your identity, and we understand that if there is an issue, people don’t call Empire Coffee, they call you.

As a result, we work tirelessly to make sure your private label coffee brand is delicious day after day. To achieve this, Empire Coffee utilizes computerized roasting on our two 500 pound Jebez Burns roasters, 2 MPE mill grinders, and a variety of packaging equipment. Furthermore, we cup your coffees continuously to manage the consistency of a blend or single origin flavor profile.

A key aspect of the Empire Coffee private label coffee program hinges on our ability to manage the price of your coffee on a monthly and yearly basis. Our buying team has over 40 years of experience identifying the right coffees for the right job. There are many considerations our buying team at Empire Coffee must account for when purchasing for a brand. Our many decades of experience insulates our customers from the random fluctuations that effect the coffee commodity market. In addition, we work directly with only a trusted handful of green coffee importers. These importers have dedicated people in each coffee growing region around the world monitoring a variety of climate and production variables throughout the growing season. This information is passed along to us, enabling our team to make informed buying decisions.

In addition to the roasting and packaging of your private label coffee, Empire can handle all of your logistical needs from pallet configuration to Fineline ticketing. Finally, we are SQF Level 2, Kosher, Fair Trade USA and Organic certified.

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