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Far too many coffee roasters produce decaffeinated options as an after-thought, which leaves the decaf drinker feeling somewhat shortchanged. Not so at Waterfront Roasters! We believe decaf drinkers deserve as much flavor from well-roasted decaf coffee as caffeinated coffee lovers. Our Extra Fancy Decaf features rich, full flavor and smoothness in a well-balanced decaf coffee.

 Medium-Dark Roast
 Star-K Kosher

 20 x 2.5oz portion packs
 100% Decaf Arabica Coffee

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Extra Fancy Decaf Coffee

Waterfront Roasters’ Extra Fancy Decaf coffee gives decaf drinkers full, bold flavor without the unwanted jolt of caffeine. Additionally because it’s decaffeinated, we’ve discovered that a slightly darker roasting brings out the flavor without adding any smokiness or bitterness.

Weight67.2 oz
Dimensions11.5 × 7.5 × 7 in