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Our Sienna Roast coffee is one to try if what you want from your cup of java is lots of flavor with a very smooth finish. This full-bodied roast comes close to being French-level dark without quite crossing that line, which means it works well when enjoyed black or with cream and sugar.

 Medium-Dark Roast
 Star-K Kosher

 20 x 2.5oz portion packs
 100% Arabica Coffee

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Sienna Roast Coffee

Waterfront Roasters’ Sienna Roast coffee approaches the boundary line separating a medium roast from a French Roast without crossing over into dark territory. The result is a flavor that is both bold and smooth that can be enjoyed straight black or with milk and sweetener.

Weight67.2 oz
Dimensions11.5 × 7.5 × 7 in