Roasting to the perfect shade takes skill and technology. Empire maintains consistent roasts via two custom built Jabez Burns computer-controlled roasters.  These four-bag machines roast around 500 pounds per roast. Cycling back and forth all day long—one roasts while the other cools. Empire roasts approximately 2000 pounds of coffee per hour depending on the roast profile. 

We follow the BAR (Blend After Roasting) system, ensuring that each blend contains properly roasted coffees each time. Forgoing the BAR system you might get blends with under or over roasted beans resulting in an inconsistent and off-flavored cup. The process takes a little longer than others, but the end result is worth it. In addition, our manually controlled Diedrich specialty roaster can roast smaller batches—between 30 and 60 pounds at a time. As part of our extensive quality control we test for both shade and moisture after each roast.


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